Thursday, June 15, 2006

Baby bib is complete!!! YAY!!!

Well, after working on this for 3 or 4 days (wasn't knitting very long each day), I finally got it done! I had a little trouble making the holes to for the button to go through, but you can't really tell. One hole I YO the wrong way and so the hole isn't very "tidy" looking. Still very functional. I used this pattern from the Original KnitList. I think I casted on 30 stitches. I used Caron Wintuk yarn. The color is Baby Rainbow Ombre 3527. It's 100% acrylic, and I didn't really like the feel of it as I started knitting, but it seemed to soften up as I knitted with it. I'm going to try making a few more bibs and using different stitches in the middle (or maybe making a picture in the middle). I'll be working on that when taking breaks from my next project. I'm going to make an alphabet blanket. I found a site that has the alphabet in blocks, and I'm going to make each letter and then piece them together to make a blanket. It should be interesting. I figure if I do each block by itself, I can't get too bored/frustrated with how long the project is taking. That's all from me for tonight. :)

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Lily said...

You're coming along wonderfully! Keep at it and you'll be making baby sweaters in no time.

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