Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sprained ankles are good for knitting.....

Well, I sprained my ankle pretty good this weekend, and the doc took me off of work until Thursday. So I had a few hours to knit this afternoon while Dalton (and hubby) were napping. I'm a little over a third done with another dishcloth (had to restart it three times--lost the last stitch each time on the third row, so I just started over). I'm going to head back and do some more knitting here in a few and get my foot back up. I have to remember it's not a good thing to knit with a little one around. Dalton decided to scribble on my pattern, try taking my needles, and carried the yarn around the room (while I was still using it). Silly boy. I figured I needed to do a few more small-scale projects before starting on an baby blanket I want to make (plus the yarn I bought for it seems kinda rough, so I might have to buy some new stuff). Hopefully tomorrow I'm posting a picture of my newest creation. Nighty night!

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