Sunday, February 25, 2007

#4 done, 36 left to go :)

Got preemie hat #4 done. Same yarn, same look as number three, so no picture of it this time. I'm starting on #5 tonight, and trying it with a new yarn. Hopefully I'll be updating with a picture of the finished hat tomorrow. So far I'm on track, getting one done about every day. I have a total of 47 days to get the 40 hats done, so that will be nice. We'll see if I can keep up at this pace the whole time. :)

It is nice to be knitting again. It looks like I might be meeting up with a fellow knitter on Saturday, and I'll start learning how to knit in the round. I guess sooner or later I'll have to learn how to knit on double-pointed needles too....and take up crocheting, looks like I might be busy....hee hee

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