Sunday, June 10, 2007

My first shawl is done!!!!

Yay!! My first shawl done!!! I didn't have the right sized needles, so I used one two sizes smaller, and I think it turned out alright. It's shorter than it's suppose to be, but it wraps around the shoulders and goes halfway down my back, so I say it's pretty darn good for my first one. Took a little over two weeks to get it done, but I also took a few days off from knitting in there.
I used Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in the Montana Sky colorway. I used this pattern for it, and it was pretty easy (just a lot longer than I thought). I also needed a longer cable for my needles, so I think I'll invest in a 60" cable for when I do another one of these (thanks Tammy for loaning me your 36" or whatever length it was--hee hee). I had trouble doing the crochet edging, but it's been forever since I crocheted. I know I did it too tight, but it still looks good. Gotta wash it and figure out a way to block it a bit (or at least make it look a bit nicer), then put it in my Christmas Gifts pile. :) I might take the rest of today off from knitting and start my next project tomorrow. I just need to decide--DPN or cables?? Which do I want to tackle next? :)

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