Saturday, March 10, 2007

I made my own stitch markers!

I decided I was going to try my hand at making some stitch markers. I don't think these turned out too bad for my first attempt. I'm going to try getting some more bendable wire (the stuff I used was very rigid), and maybe try making the loop myself. I think I have found a new obsession with beads. There are so many pretty ones out there!!

I also was able to find some bamboo knitting needles in the size I need for the hats, so that made me pretty happy. I've actually gotten quite use to using the metal ones, so it feels odd knitting on bamboo again. I just switched to the bamboo ones for the hat I just started. I got hat number eight done, and I'll get a picture and specs posted a bit later. I don't think I'll get all 40 hats done, but when the idea was first brought up, I said I'd prolly be able to get 20 done, and I think I'm on target to get those done. I'm still too slow of a knitter to get a hat done a night--no way I can devote three hours a night (do I even have that long each night??) to knitting a hat.

Hopefully I can get two hats out today--we'll see how that goes. If it stays rainy all day I might be able to get it done. :-)

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Grumpy said...

Pretty stitch markers. I could spend all day just looking at the beads and brads for these things... that I had to banish myself from that section of the store.... I figure I'll never sell my markers so how many do I really need??! LOL!

On knitting slow, speed comes with time and practice and these hats are good for that!