Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Preemie hat #9 done, plus some other news

Well, Easter has come and gone, and I didn't get anywhere near 40 hats done. I did not have much time this past month to do any knitting, and I just finished hat number nine on Saturday. Same yarn and everything as the last one. I'm going to keep trucking (or knitting) on until I get all forty done.

I got to hang out with some fellow knitters on Saturday (Lara and Tammy--two wonderful women I met through the DiaperPin forums). Tammy let me play with her KnitPicks and Denise knitting sets, and I'm happy to say she sold me on the KnitPicks one. I ordered them Saturday night and am waiting anxiously for them to arrive. Check out their site for more information. They seem to have some awesome yarns and some neat patterns too.

I also made some more stitch markers for Tammy as a belated birthday present, but I forgot to take a pic before giving them to her (oh well). I found some wire that bends much better, and they were a breeze to make. My sis and I went shopping for beads last week and had a blast--I really think beading can become a big addiction for me.

I also got a facecloth done last night, but I'll have to post about it tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. :)

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