Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yarn burritos anyone???

Well, I got adventurous today. I had a cone of white cotton and I decided to try dying it. I went to JoAnns and got a Tulip One Step Dying Kit (on sale, YAY). I had to wait until Dalton was asleep before I could dye it, so it was already getting dark. I'm a bit afraid to see how they turned out....hee hee. I'll get to unwrap them tomorrow morning, rinse them, and hang them up to dry. Then I'll see if I can get them into a skein and shoot some pics of them. I don't know how long they'll take to dry, so this should be interesting. Oh the things I get into when hubby is out of town for the weekend....hee hee.
And just a cute picture of my little guy from tonight. This was taken close to his bedtime, and you can tell he had tons of fun all day (as messy as he got). His bath water was black by the time he came out. I love having a little boy to play in the dirt with. :)

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