Monday, May 14, 2007

Placemat done!!

I got one placemat done before my parents left for their month-long trip today. It wasn't what I first envisioned for it, but I do like how it turned out. I'm not making a matching one for it--going to make new ones that are red, white, and blue like I originally wanted to. I gave this one to Mom yesterday and she loved it. I guess that's the wonderful thing about Moms....they love everything their children give them. :)

I made this with the Sugar 'n Cream yarn I dyed, and the boarder is made out of Sugar 'n Cream Hot Purple (color 01317).

I've started my next project, a reverse-bloom flower washcloth from my Weekend Knitting book by Melanie Falick. I've made it only one row in, and I'm already stuck. Hopefully I'll get it figured out tonight and really get going on it (I think I have to teach myself the cable cast-on to get the desired result on the petals....should be fun). :)

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